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Freunde von Freunden x Siemens Home Appliances


Siemens Home Stories


Freunde von Freunden - John Henry

2017, Assistant Video Producer @FvF Productions

Melbourne, Australia

Featuring: John Henry, Architect

"John Henry worked tirelessly to become an architect; an aspiration he inherited from his father—a builder with a keen interest in construction design. John’s home in Australia, otherwise known as the ‘Research House’, is a conceptual playground: an extravagant, colorful display of iconography and timeless keepsakes." 

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Freunde von Freunden - Kevin Chu

2017, Assistant Video Producer @FvF Productions

Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Featuring: Kevin Chu, Architect & Wife

"Despite living in Hong Kong, Kevin Chu and Giulia Dibonaventura have created a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle for themselves. Learn how Kevin’s background in design and Giulia’s lifelong dedication to conservation combine to create their green home in Discovery Bay. "

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These video portraits are part of Home Stories— a collaboration Freunde von Freunden produces with Siemens Home Appliances.

Home Stories explores the topic of innovative urban living, seen through the lenses of select inhabitants in modern global cities.