Director, Filmmaker & Art Director based in Berlin

Indorse x Freunde von Freunden


Indorse x FvF - User Portraits


2018, Creative Concept Development


Featuring: Yuichiro Katsumoto

These commercial videos took us around the globe to portrait three inspiring individuals for Indorse, a new decentralised social network platform. Above is a less commercial version/directors cut developed by Chris Read of Singapore based gadget maker and installation artist Yuichiro Katsumoto.


2018, Creative Development

Berlin, Germany

Featuring: Anne Kjaer Riechert


2018, Creative Development

London, UK

Featuring: Mick Élysée

Series Credits:

Director - Chris Read

DOP: Cedric Schanze

Creative concept development & research: Megan Courtis

Producer: Marino Coates-Chitty

Production Company: FvF Productions

Client: Indorse