Film Director & Art Director based in Berlin

The Liminal Space

 The Liminal Space


2015, Director, Camera Operator, Video Editor & Sound Design. 

Bath, UK

"The Liminal Space" is a personal film created for “Fragments” a post-graduate Fine Art exhibition that I co-produced in 2014 in Bath, UK. 

The word Liminal comes from the Latin word Limen, which means Threshold – a place of beginning or entering. “The Liminal Space” is a film that explores the in-between state of transition, whether thats spiritually, by recalling memories or forming thoughts. The film also explores the concept of ephemerality, as well as the idea of travelling through different landscapes, memories and realms. Transitory in nature and meditative in feel, it aims to present a subtle presence and calm feeling that one experiences whilst wandering by this Lake in Wales.