Director/Creative Producer

Twisted Home




2018, DV Videographer, Editor & Sound Designer. (Film)

2018, Creative Development/Direction, Screenwriter & Assistant Director (Production)

London, United Kingdom

"Twisted Home" is a personal project I conceptualised with Danish fashion photographer Simone Steenberg. The project explores themes of "sexuality" and "the domestic" in a humorous, surreal and subverted way through the playful displacement and rearrangement of everyday objects presented in six different scenarios. The production team consisted of twenty female creatives from London and elsewhere. 

Displayed below are quotes from six short stories and scenes that I wrote that were used as the central creative ideas behind the project. 

All writing and photographs below were produced by me.

Model Angelina Jesson

Model Angelina Jesson

Her hair was neatly tied back with rollers. Bananas poked through the tunnels of her hair. Her skin was dewy and cheeks blushed with flecks of peach..
Model: Nyaueth Riam

Model: Nyaueth Riam

The woman pulled back her long latex glove, placed the melon in front of her vagina and inserted two fingers into the fleshy fruit.
"Melon Massage"    Model: María Bernad

"Melon Massage"

Model: María Bernad


"There are a few objects hanging on the line, noticeably one large and lonely transparent dust sheet. It sways revealing a pair of legs."

Model: Naomi Shimada

Model: Naomi Shimada

Hanging Clothes 300mil.gif
Model: Maria Metsalu

Model: Maria Metsalu

The knots untangled fast. She was having a good hair day today, she thought and heaved her right leg high, up onto the top of the ironing board. Legs spread wide. Open. Balanced, on one high heel, she gathered her hair from between her legs and spread it across the ironing board. Doing the ironing was always a pleasure and never a chore, she thought.

"She was pure looking, like a lotus flower growing from a pool, unstained. Her hair snow white and lips tinged with fuschia. Elated and high up, she felt grounded there.

Model: Ranny Cooper

Model: Ranny Cooper


"Using the sponge as a paintbrush, she lifts and drags it across the hills of her hips, the dips of her breasts and the hollow spaces behind her knees and in between her thighs."


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